Plastic Oceans Update: Man Made Continent of Trash a Fantastic Story

Posted on November 14, 2008


Junk Raft

Junk Raft



  • Back in March I wrote a piece on the Plastic in our oceans.

Today a the News Hour feed reports on the Junk Raft, a journy into the sea of plastic on a raft made of , well plastic.

Science educator Marcus Eriksen and photographer Joel Paschal set sail from California on June 1, 2008, on a raft made of plastic bottles and an old airplane fuselage. Eighty-eight days later, they landed in Hawaii. Eriksen, who made the trip to raise public awareness of the problem of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, describes the journey.with comments from NOAA. Credit Newshour.

These Guys are just nuts. Listen to their story, it too is fantastic!

  • NewsHour Pod Cast; Listen

MP3: Some scientists and environmentalists believe that more than 5 million square miles of the Pacific Ocean has become a soup of plastic confetti — the remnants of plastic trash that travels on ocean currents from the world’s shorelines. Now, researchers are trying to quantify the extent of the problem, and learn more about how plastic pollution affects fish, marine mammals and birds. NewsHour correspondent Spencer Michels reports.

  • In fact you can ask Charles Moore himself questions on the Continent of Plastic at the News Hour Forum website along with other experts who will take your questions and give you direct answers.
  • Just follow this link.

  • I am glad that the media is picking up on this story. It is urgent that world governments begin to regulate the disposal of plastic in our oceans.



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