Dancing Bones Ink Talk, by Barbara Guran-Eubank

Posted on November 24, 2008


 There’s A new Blog about Tattoos in cybertown.


 Barbara is the TATTOOING SHAMANATRIX at Dancing Bones Ink, Ink.

Specializing in mid-life ( or any other time period ) crisises with custom self-affirming Totems.

Yes she’s talking to you……


Finally I convinced Barbara to write about tattooing.

Visit her Blog and you will find solid respectful information about tattooing and the tattooing process from design to finished tattoo. She also talks about the thinking process of getting a tattoo, tattoo design and how she works with her clients.


In addition to all of this she just has fun. So if you have questions about tattoos take a look at Barbara’s Blog. If you don’t find what you seek already there, contact her, leave a comment or ask a question… Talk Ink

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