Is Art Dead; Do Cannibals like Sugar?

Posted on December 15, 2008


  •  Ok I was reading Kurt Vonnegut, so blame him he is dead you know.

Besides it is cold outside, 2degrees now up from 20 below.


  • Vonnegut said that the only thing we can agree on today is “Sugar is Sweet”.

That there are no new ideas only recycled ones. And we won’t all agree on that for sure. So today, are there any new ideas new images or should we just quite and enjoy the reproductions of the past. I mean is there a curator or anyone else out there that could recognize a new idea? With all of the periods of art we know so well and now Raw Meat hanging on the most prestigious gallery walls around the world is there anything not done. Is no idea new, only a variation of it’s the theme.


  • Should we give sugar to the cannibals and pay to show our art, pay to have someone look at our art.

What is the idea fairness for you the Artist?


  • I like Van Gogh because nobody during his time recognized his genius except Theo and perhaps the Postman.

And boy doesn’t Kirk Douglas really make you believe he was Van Gogh.


The point is this, will the greatest art produced today go un-noticed un-scene by our generation. Missed by the prejudice of knowledge about what is art today what is important.


  • Do you really think, believe that sugar is sweet?

Oh and by the way Van Gogh holds the record for the most sold reproductions of any artist and he never sold a thing while alive making art.


  • Does he know how successful he is, is his spirit out there watching? I hope so I really hope so.