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Posted on February 27, 2009



Montana is home to many artists working in every imaginable venue. Almost every community has some kind of arts program. Yet artists are spread across a vast landscape and often are isolated from one another. Montana is a very large place and traveling from one end of the state to another is a journey. We Montana Artists often do not have the opportunity to communicate with each other to share our work and ideas. This week I started a social network on Ning in hope of bringing Montana artists together in a central location on the web so we can communicate. Spruz is a cloud network that supports the site. Montana Artists Network,

In addition to communicating with each other, the site offers the ability to promote our work and our ideas to the world.

Nothing is in stone, the site can develop in anyway the users want it too. Collectively we can have a lot of fun promoting our work and our ideas.

  • The Montana Artists Network was created to link artists throughout Montana in a central network to promote the arts in Montana.

To join is totally FREE. You can create your own page and promote your art. You can create Blogs, Discussions and List Events. You can upload your photos, videos of your artwork to your page. The Network is open to anyone interested in promoting the Arts in Montana: Artists, Galleries, Art Organizations and Patrons of the Arts.

Why did I create the Montana Artists Network? After much thought and participation in other Artists Networks, I felt Montana Artists needed a site where they could easily communicate throughout the state with each other, share their ideas, artwork, and promote the arts in Montana globally.

In addition, cost and user friendly was a major factor in creating this site. TheĀ is free and is easy to use. You have complete control over the content of your page. You can use the page editor to control the appearance and options you like. You can add other technical resources to your page like Twitter and many others.

As the de-facto site manager. I will do my best to address any suggestion you have. Please let me know how the site is working and if there are things we can do together to make the site better.

I look forward to promoting the arts in Montana with you.

David Eubank

Check it out and Join the Montana Artists Network and please invite your friends to join too, the network is open to everyone interest in the Arts in Montana