Annie’s New Deal

Posted on March 11, 2010


Annie’s New Deal

Annie Leibovitz has a new deal that saves the rights to her artwork and pays off Art Capital. I hope the new deal works out for her. As the Artinfo news article suggests Annie’s deal could be a game changer for artists at all levels. Imagine for a moment as an artist you could get an investor to invest in your success or potential success. We use to call these investors patrons. The idea if it catches on could provide working artists with the capital they need to achieve success. Let us pretend that the agreements between Artists and Investors were fair and honest designed so all parties fairly benefited from the partnership. That would be something…


Annie Leibovitz and Neverland

This past week, however, news has emerged of a white knight: Colony Capital. Leibovitz struck a deal with the company to pay off Art Capital. In return, Leibovitz and Colony Capital are planning a traveling exhibition of Leibovitz’ photos and other “new projects.”… MORE

The Artist and Debt, Annie Leibovitz Images and Nightmares