Posted on May 5, 2010


Picasso: Nude, Green Leaves and Bust

On May 4th 2010 the Impressionists and Modern Art Auction at Christie’s set new sales records for Picasso and Georges Braque. Too bad their dead, but their work lives on and apparently is quite collectable.  The sale netted $335.5 million for the auction house.

“Obviously we’re thrilled” with the final price of $106,482,500 including commission for the Picasso, auctioneer Christopher Burge said afterward.


Picasso’s “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” sold for more than $106 million setting a record for art sold at auction.

A record was also set for Georges Braque who came in second when “La Treille” sold for $10,162,500, or more than twice the pre-sale estimate.

Of course the buyers were anonymous and placed their bids by phone. I guess if your worried about Zombies wandering around the auction house you stay in a safe place.

The news sources claim, the Art Market is back and that buyers are well buying.

How does this renaissance in the art market impact you as a living artist, well it doesn’t unless you have established the value of your work as a precious and collectable commodity. As for buyers, I guess if you can afford to buy a Picasso or already own one then your going to do pretty well. Me I am going to keep my eyes open at yard sales because you never know when your gonna score.

Some living artists ask why is Deceased Artwork is so collectable compared to the artwork of living artists. Well I was once told by an Art Dealer that dealt exclusively in deceased art. Dead Artists quit screwing around their work doesn’t change anymore.

I am not to… motivated by that idea and I am just going to keep screwing around as long as I can.  Although I will admit I’d love to come back as a Zombie Artist.

Zombie Picasso: Nude, Green Leaves and Bust

Don’t you think Night of the Zombie Artists would be a great zombie movie. Imagine Woody Harrelson as a Zombie Picasso; painting Woody Harrelson  as Picasso’s Mistress.

Ok if you want to be serious check out the auction results at the link to Sales Results. There you can see all the final bids or realized prices. If you have never visited Christie’s website then your in for a real treat. Christie’s site has auction records and catalogues of past sales and they do a terrific job online. You can see a lot of artwork in those catalogues you will never see exhibited in the public domain. The Catalogue’s are a major source of information for any one interested in Art history.

The Christie’s Spring Masterpiece Collection is a very nice slide show also.


SALE 2410: Property from the Collection of Mrs. Sidney F, Brody

Link to Sales Results


Link to Christies Spring Masterpieces slide show


That is why I like to go to the source for the results, somehow the News Services just don’t paint an accurate picture of the nature of any sale.

I also hope these artworks make it to a public exhibition some day instead of being hidden from public view in a private collection as Picasso’s; Nude, Green Leaves and Bust was for the last 50 years. Maybe I am naive but I think that when you are a collector of significant status as are those who won the bids on these treasures. You have an obligation to share your good fortune and your art with the public at least once in a while. So I hope if you are the lucky winner of a global treasure you will consider my request. I am sure a major museum exists that would take great care in helping you exhibit your collection.