Start up America a simple question? YOU IN?

Posted on January 31, 2011


Start up America a simple question? YOU IN?

Today the launch of Startup America may be your rocket to success as an Artist/Entrepreneur! As an Artist and I guess an Entrepreneur I feel like I am straddling a giant rift with one foot on one side, art and the other foot on the other side, technology. I have been trying to combine the two now for several years. Looking for a way to merge Art and Technology into a living. So far it has been a great learning experience that has produce no tangible income as a result. At my age now or for that matter any age, as an artist you soon realize you have to make money to keep working as an artist. The big question is how can we as artists use technology to our advantage.

The art world is no longer satisfied with the traditional methods that drove it during the last century. Today to be successful requires a new approach, perhaps an approach that has yet to be discovered or developed. As I read through the information about “Startup America,” I found some hope and maybe a solution to the span the rift between art and technology. Listed in the fact sheet was listed “Artists & Instigators.”  I clicked the link which took me to

There I found a simple web page that asked a simple question. YOU IN?

You bet I am, I am just now sure yet, “how?” But, I will be finding out!

I have listed some quick links to more information about how you as an Artist can catch a ride on the Rocket that just launched.

Startup America

Today, the White House will launch “Startup America,” a national campaign to help America achieve these goals by promoting high-growth entrepreneurship across the country with new initiatives to help encourage private sector investment in job-creating startups and small firms, accelerate research, and address barriers to success for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Startup America Fact Sheet

Marc Ecko Launches “Artists & Instigators Practicum” to Activate Next Generation of Entrepreneurs:  Marc Ecko, an entrepreneur and leader in the fashion and media industry, will  launch of the first Artists & Instigators (A&I) Practicum at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  A&I Practicum’s virtual entrepreneurship curriculum teaches practical skills for the 21st century by preparing next generation of entrepreneurs to be “first in line for the hire.”  Participating students will build real-world marketing, design, social media, and research skills in startups that are creating the jobs of the future.  Over the next five years, A&I Practicum will invest in 750 startups, offer over 20,000 virtual internships, and provide access to its entrepreneurial curriculum at high schools, community colleges, universities and veteran job retraining programs.

About Marc Ecko In 1993, Marc Ecko, an artist, started Ecko Untld. in his parent’s garage and grew it to become a global fashion and lifestyle business with its ubiquitous rhino trademark famous worldwide. Marc Ecko Enterprises now encompasses over 25 businesses from footwear and headphones to suits and children’s clothing. Today, MEE owns and operates and over 100 retail locations around the world and has revenues in excess of $1B at retail and approximately 1,000 employees worldwide. In addition, Marc founded the fastest growing digital Men’s Media Network, Complex Media Network. Marc is a staunch Education reformer and developed, funded, and chairs Sweat Equity Education a 501(c)(3). Marc sits on the board of Big Picture Learning, TIKVA Children’s home, and is a signatory to the Education Equality Project. He is an Emeritus Board member for the Council Fashion Designers of America and received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Rutgers University in 2009.

Marc Ecko’s Venture Innovation Company Artists & Instigators Launches A&I Practicum

Ecko continued, “Artists & Instigators is not just a company. It is a platform for big ideas to inspire and activate the world’s Artists & Instigators. Our product, A&I Practicum, is a curriculum & job creation engine to activate a next generation entrepreneurial ecosystem. Today, we issue a $100 million launch challenge for universities, foundations, and corporations to activate with us.”


I Had Too!



One of those projects is the COMPLEX MEDIA NETWORK

I went to the Complex Media Network Site, “Art” and found several very exciting media innovations, Here is a quick link. “ART”

Quick link to CMN Publishers that lists all the areas they are working on at the moment.

So the questions is, YOU IN?