Egyptian Treasures Safe Zahi Hawass’s is on the Job

Posted on February 11, 2011


Egyptian Treasures Safe Zahi Hawass’s is on the Job

Zahi Hawass


Good news from Egypt, King Tut is safe and Zahi Hawass and his staff are hard at work restoring the damage caused by looters. Hawass and his staff with the help of the Egyptian Army are busy taking an inventory of Egypt’s ancient treasure’s.

Looter’s had briefly broken into the Cairo Museum in January and damaged a small number of artifacts and two mummy’s. Today Hawass’s staff are busy repairing the damage and restoring order at antiquities site all over Egypt.


I am pleased to report that an additional five objects that were stolen from the Qantara East Magazine in the Sinai were located and returned to the storage magazine on February 8, 2011. It seems that the thieves simply threw these five objects in the desert, and the police was able to retrieve them. To date, 293 objects have been returned to the Qantara East Magazine, but as I have previously stated, we will not be able to know the exact number of the stolen objects until the current situation calms down. A committee will be formed in order to inventory the contents of the magazine. I believe that it will be impossible for the people who stole the objects to sell them. No museum or private collector will buy Egyptian antiquities now, they will be too scared. I am very happy that my calls for the return of these objects on television and in newspapers were successful. Hawass writes on his Blog.

While the chaos continues outside the museum and the outcome of the Egyptian protests are uncertain, Hawass is confident that the Egyptian people proud of their heritage, proud of their cultural antiquities will protect Egypt’s Cultural Treasures.

Today the Egyptian Army is actively helping Hawass along with the Egyptian people to restore to security and return operations at the Cairo Museum and historic sites around Egypt to normal.

I am telling everyone now: the museum is safe because the Egyptian Army and the Egyptian people are protecting it. The Egyptian people are proud of their cultural heritage, and have done all they can to protect it…Zahi Hawass.

Hawass also ask’s that people seeking information about Egypt’s antiquities come to him for information and not speculate about the safety and security of the Cairo Museum and related historic sites.

A good way to stay in touch with Zahi Hawass is by subscribing to his Blog. On the ZAHI HAWASS BLOG you can follow the events as they unfold.

It will be sometime before the Transition in Egypt settles down, but Hawass and his professional staff are working hard to maintain continuity, stability and security for all of Egypt’s Cultural Treasures. Good News indeed!