PBS Signs OFF the Air NPR Goes Silent for Ever!

Posted on February 12, 2011


PBS Signs OFF the Air NPR Goes Silent for Ever!


Imagine an America with NO Public Broadcasting System, PBS or NPR



The reality of NO PBS/NPR is sadly a possible Reality. It is a reality the Conservative Congressional Leadership is proposing along with numerous other public and social program cuts.

The planned funding cuts for  PBS, (Public Broadcast System $445 million) NEA, (National Endowment for the Arts $167.5 million), NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities $167.5 million) are not just budget reductions they are entire program eliminations.

Total funding ($780 million) cuts for these programs represent 0.28782% of federal spending, when averaged against the a Federal budget of 3.69 Trillion dollars.

The numbers are just to big to even imagine. The total loss of these three programs is even harder to imagine. The cost in money for these programs are about $2. Dollars for every American. The cost in the loss of our national cultural assets is priceless.

So I ask you are we going to allow Congress to sacrifice the Public Arts, Humanities and our Public Broadcast Network for the price of a cup of Coffee or a Slurpy?

Consider; the Congress and the President just passed an UNFUNDED Tax Cut that cost , US the American People $860 billion dollars in December 2010.

As an Artist I am horrified as a Citizen and Tax Payer I am even more concerned as horrified doesn’t even come close to how I really feel. Pissed as Hell!

Some of the other program eliminations and cuts are even harder to imagine. Cut heating subsidies for the poor, nutritional funding for pregnant women, foreign aid, the energy star program, research and development at the Dept. Of Energy, the EPA, and it just gets worse as the lists of targets get bigger.

The Social Financial Impact of these cuts on the poorest Americans is going to be devastating. The Cultural Impact for all Americans will be equally felt although we may not freeze like many others who are less fortunate than ourselves.

I have struggled trying to figure out what the motivations behind these cuts really are? Because if the Regressive Leadership really wants to balance the budget they need to go after Unfunded Tax Cuts then Defense and then Medicare Spending.

Social Security is Self funded. It may need reform for it’s own sake but it should not be on the Federal Budget Table!

Still with me?

Imagine Glenn Beck and his Caulk Boards instead of NOVA NOW, or Rush Limbaugh instead of NPR? Got that picture, right?

Now imagine with me for a moment where America of the future might be heading?

PBS/NPR are neutral voices, objective voices when compared to the rest of the Media. PBS and NPR are perhaps the only place in broadcast media where you and I can have confidence in the news stories and entertainment they provide. News reported with facts even when the news they are reporting goes against the best interest of some of their larger financial supporters.

The Arts and the humanities also fall under this category of Free Speech. Important information and ideas for a Democratic Nation.

You see it is more than culture we risk losing. At risk is our very Freedom and what is left of our democracy. If we allow these voices to be silenced we will only hear what the corporate media allows us! That Folks is a Plutocracy not a Democracy!

Even more frightening is the fact that historically and especially during the last century when media propaganda was really developed. Three significant developments occurred. Stalin, Hitler and Mao. All three, attacked the Arts and Humanities and the Free Press first in their campaign’s to control information, propaganda, they just shut them down. Often with, not only funding but bullets.  Do some research if you think I am just Paranoid like Glenn Beck.

Today however I believe is different in one respect. Our enemy is not a single rouge leader or a Nation State it is a collective global corporate collation of unnamed influence that wields enormous power in Washington. Power over the elected politicians we allow to govern us. It is a power that has honed propaganda to razor sharpness and slashes away at our Democracy day in and day out. It is a media that never rests. A Media combined with Political Leaders that distort the truth for money.

Try to listen through the noise for the voices that speak truth with reason and you will find out I am right. You will find many of these voices broadcasting on PBS and NPR.

Turn off Fox News and turn on C-Span and listen to all the Political Voices in the Congress and the Senate as they speak, from the horses mouth to the horses ass.

If you need help understanding what all these razor-sharp political voices are really saying, then turn on PBS or NPR while it lasts because once it is gone understanding what is said will become even more difficult than it is now.

What other News organization digs deep into stories and important issues that are important for Democracy other than PBS or NPR?

Perhaps the Huffington Post and other media outlets like it will hold true to the truth. It is a big risk the way I see it a risk we cannot afford to take.

As a Nation we may need to Balance the budget and pay down our debt. We do not need to destroy ourselves, our freedom and our democracy as the price.


The other place you need to be paying close attention to is your State Legislature. There is an active theme playing out at the state level nationwide. The states that now have a conservative majority are gutting the Arts.

I demand as a Citizen that the unfunded Bush era tax cuts be reversed immediately to achieve the 100 billion dollar cuts and elimination of programs proposed by the Conservative Congress, I will pay my fair share. How about you!


What are you going to do?


I signed the petition to save NPR/PBS


I sent it to my friends on Facebook and I wrote this Article. I will also be talking to my state arts council and my Congressional Representative and my Senators.


I will also try my best to keep you informed.




Welcome to Plutocracy







House GOP group proposes deep spending cuts over next decadeThe plan targets a long list of programs for elimination, including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts, Amtrak and the U.S. Agency for International Development.