U.S. House votes to Cut NPR Funding 228-192

Posted on March 17, 2011



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U.S. House votes to Cut NPR Funding 228-192


Imagine No NPR reporting for the 2012 election cycle. Will you be able to find an objective voice among the wagging tongues or talking heads?

Conservatives hope you don’t. The vote today is an Attack on Progressives in America. Liberal’s in America may soon be an endangered species if Conservative have their way.

NPR is not the first attack on the moving Frontline’s of this battle. We have seen Organized attacks, battles waged against Organized Labor, Farmer Cooperatives, Voters Rights and a plethora of social programs that conservatives have long tried to destroy. Planned Parenthood, Women’s, Infants and Children’s program (WIC) Education the EPA, the Clean Air Act, State Departments of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and just about every regulation that would protect you the consumer from Wall Street to your Water Supply and everything in between that would give Corporations the power to do anything they want to do.

Look at the your State Legislatures and see for yourself. Are these attacks are occurring in your State? Anywhere their is a Conservative Strong Hold it is a massive rout for programs and laws that were put in place to protect you, your health and your rights! All of this is of course being done in the name of balanced budgets.

Budgets that have been systematically Defunded through Unfunded Tax Cuts for not just the singular wealthy but for wealthy Corporations. Do you realize that of the Worlds 100 largest economies, 51 are multinational Corporations and 49 are countries.


Those 51 Corporations also now have the rights of an individual. It means also that Foreign Corporation’s can and do have a voice in American Politics and Elections. All they have to do is create an American Based Corporation.

Did you ever Ask? Who Owns the NEWS? How about News Corporation or News Corp? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/News_Corporation

It isn’t just about who owns News Corp it’s about who News Corp Owns. This one media giant controls some of the most powerful, influential news sources on the Planet.

Think Fair and Balanced! Who can you really trust?

Consider your choices for important news, for important stories about those who would be your next leader.

Get out that check book if you want a choice, right now!

The vote in the house is a clear attack on Progressive, Liberal Ideology, not a budget balancing measure.

Stand Up and Fight!

Right Now before it is to late!

Because if you think you are not next in line you better take a close look at history!