The Mystery of Creamed Corn Remains a Dilemma for Artists

Posted on April 19, 2011


Did you every have that painting that just fell apart in the process. Yep three quarters of it you love the rest just won’t come together? It, the painting just nags at you to resolve it’s apparent flaws. The more you look the less you see solutions. But, that nasty nagging voice inside you says, Keep Going don’t give up?

So what do you do? Toss and turn all night haunted by the problem. Write a blog post in frustration. I guess so, but maybe the answer is just turn up the music and get back in the studio and work? Or as I did get the second complete series of Twin Peaks out and search for the answer. Creamed Corn?

The Log Lady asks what is the relevance of Creamed Corn to the universe? I wonder Where did Creamed Corn come from and why?

Who discovered Creamed Corn, where did they get the Big Idea that shook the world. Where would we be if the mysterious inventor had just boiled the corn as always?

Creamed Corn even has a Wikipedia page, but it’s invention is a mystery. The movement may have started in the American midwest but no one really knows. It is often found in cans and homemade versions can be quite experimental.

I’ve wonder for many years if and when these things happen. If it’s not growing outside of ones self? Is it that our internal universe is expanding? Expanding so much so that it has to break free of us?

We all like predictable outcomes. None of us like to be confronted with unpredictable change. Yet if we don’t; if we don’t open that can of mysterious Creamed Corn we will never move forward. Perhaps it is our indecisiveness about what we should serve with Creamed Corn? What best complements it’s soupy consistency and sweet aroma?

Is it the threat of failure that holds us back when we should be embracing the challenge.

Should we serve Pork, Beef or Fried Chicken? What does the universe think? Is it the universe inside us like the Log Lady says or the external universe of stars that really matter? When the end of our days come will Cream Corn remain an artifact of our existence.  Will those unopened cans be exhibited in a museum along side King Tuts treasures? How can we know these answers?

Is Art today a convenient language that binds us up in the safety of rules? Will we starve if we choose to break free from those rules and never again enjoy the sweet taste Creamed Corn and Pork chops?

Can we serve Creamed Corn as a Main Dish?