Where Do We Go From Here America? An Answer to “WHY OWS?”

Posted on October 18, 2011


Laurie Anderson asks that question in her song, “Another Day in America?”

Lester Brown has asked that question now for years?

His Book Plan B 4.0 is an outline of the problems we face in a near future, a future sure to arrive.

Down load the PDF version of  Lester Browns book for FREE Plan B 4.0 

The solution that Lester Brown advocates for won’t be easy. In fact his solutions will change the world as we know it?

The change will come with or without our consent.

Where do we go from Here?

Today as protesters Occupy Wall Street the questions being asked are, “Why, What Do They Want?” 

Simply Stated, they want a more Democratic Solution to the problems we face as a Nation and as a Global Society?

What are those problems? 

A list would be nice as many of our Presidential hopefuls and other Political Leaders have said. The message from our political leaders and the mainstream media suggests there is no message, no list of grievances and no solutions to be pondered. This is just not true.

Occupy Wall Street isn’t about changing one or two things on a list. It is about a Global Economic System based on continuous growth and expansion that is unsustainable and unfair to the majority of living creäture on Planet Earth. Deep in all of our hearts we all know the truth. The Truth is that we cannot go on as a Global Society or a Nation the way we have lived for the last hundred years.

OWS is not about people who just want Jobs or as many would have you believe another unemployment check! It is about a more balanced, more Democratic solutions to the problems we face as people. People with educations and skills. People whose labor has been co opted by a system of economic theories that is based on the false premise that growth and resources are never-ending in the natural cycles of a planet with limits on both resources and space.

OWS represents millions of people who mortgaged their futures based on system of economic prosperity built on a foundation of DEBT. Debts they can no longer pay. 

Yes the America of today was built on unsustainable DEBT. During the last decade we built houses like there was no tomorrow and yet we did not solve our housing problems. We mortgaged and refinanced our way to prosperity. Debts we can no longer pay to sustain the promised prosperity that were to believe was the bargain!

Millions lost while a few did pretty good?

We educated our children and ourselves through DEBT. Debt with the false promise that we would be better off, we would prosper if we made the agreement with our lenders. Now we do not have the ability to pay. Our Lenders still want our future without remorse or forgiveness.

We conquered Global Food Production. Still Millions are starving while the rest of us are being slowly poisoned by what we eat.

Food is an investment a Global Commodity. A commodity that’s value is based on trading volume, not the cost of production. Food is also one of  greatest sources of pollution and risks to human health. Pesticides that contaminate our water and soil. Pesticides that stay in food we eat. Genetically Modified Foods that we eat or are fed to the animals we eat. Antibiotics given to the animals we eat are not only transferred to us when we eat meat they are passed on to us when we drink milk, eat cheese, eat eggs. These antibiotics also make it into our water supplies through waste disposal of human and animal waste into the water we drink.

Today many of these wonder drugs no longer work to fight off deadly bacteria that threaten human health. GOOGLE IT!

How much has the very food we eat increased the cost of Healthcare in America?

Energy, Oil the life blood of modern society is ending as we know it!

The Global Economy Runs on OIL. Aside from the known hazards of oil the benefits to modern human beings that oil created may well be our demise.

Oil has made the modern world, the global economy possible. Without oil we wouldn’t have electricity. Yes some electricity is produced with oil, but not all. However the infrastructure that produces and transmits electricity to your house is built and maintained with oil as the dominate fuel of choice to power everything that moves or is manufactured.

We all know this is going to change! But then what? What comes next?

We are being told if we just allow unregulated pollution we will somehow have all of this precious black gold we need to sustain our Global way of life. We all know this is not true and we fear the future because we know we are not ready.


After a decade of war we are weary. We ask Why?

Military spending in enormous. Spending for Homeland Security is equal to direct military spending. We are told we need to spend these vast sums of money to protect our nation from its enemies. Who are our enemies? This is the question that is simply answered with a word. A word with a very broad meaning. Terrorists! A word that still strikes fear in our hearts and minds. Fear that confuses us.

We are being told by many of our leaders we need not to only keep up our Military and Homeland Security spending, but we need to increase it. In fact one popular or not so popular Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney says we need to increase spending levels to 20% of GDP. That’s 20 % of everything we earn as a Nation. Imagine that!

Twenty Percent of our Gross National Product. Twenty Percent of our combined incomes, labor and production as a Nation.


You need to read Lester Browns Book. Plan B 4.0. It is a free download. Then you will know why?

I will give you the short answer in my opinion.

Today the world produces about 80 million barrels of Oil a day. That is a number that has remained consistent now for a decade. The world’s oil producers don’t seem able to produce more than that number. Oh they would like too, but just can’t, given the availability and resources that exist. GOOGLE IT?


Yes China that growing, emerging economy. The country that is destined to be all it can be. Will by 2030 or 2035 need every drop of oil produced on mother earth to sustain it’s projected grow based on todays numbers. That is right China alone will need 80 million barrels of oil everyday to sustain its economic growth. What will the rest of us use?

That is right! We will use our Military Power to project our national interest and  influence over the resources we need to sustain our system economic growth and consumption.

You know this is true on our present path. It is a truth hidden in the Dream of an America returned to its former greatness of the past decade. We don’t need a way forward based on our past, we need a new way forward that offers a future. A more Democratic future that shares the rewards for labor in a sustainable system based on the equity of our labor. A system of enough! A system that addresses the basic needs of a world full of people.

So in my opinion Occupy Wall Street is about a failed system that we all know is unsustainable in its present design. A system that must change if we are to survive and build a sustainable future for ourselves, our children and grand children.

So where do we go from here America?