21 Middle Eastern Artists

Posted on February 3, 2017


I found this work important  8 years ago and now think it is even more relevant to look at today. I checked the links and the online exhibit is still up. Take a look and enjoy.

New Art from the Middle East
Saatchi Gallery London Jan 30th – May 9 2009


Tala Madani Elastic Pink Painting

(See the Exhibit Here)
The Saatchi Gallery in London is currently showing the new work of 21 Middle Eastern artists in an exhibit that is well worth the time to look.

If you can’t get to England the on-line exhibit is done very well and I think is exciting. Just use the link and see for your self.

The collective works of the 21 artists offer us a view of different cultural ideas that are in some cases stunning ideas to what we in the west have come to believe about the Middle East. These bold artists tackle often sensitive and controversial ideas about their personal experiences and their relative cultures.

Ideas about Tolerance, Sexuality, Religion and Life today in the Middle East.

I spent some time going through each artists work and I have to say I enjoyed the new work and the show. However, what I really saw throughout the exhibit was hope. Hope that through the eyes of these bold artists we can find a sense of cultural understanding in our differences and our similarities.

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