Posted on May 2, 2017



David Lee Eubank, by Jacob Eubank 2008

Today is one week post surgery. The surgery went very well and everything is on the mend. I have to say the surgery went much better this time. Maybe because I wasn’t septic? My care givers were the best. Don’t ever let anyone tell you a machine can do the job of a Nurse. I compliment the nursing staff who have cared for me this week. The same staff that cared for me when all the first happened. Those dark moments when reassurance was critical to survival. A nurse was there, always fighting hard along with me to get past one challenge after another. The Nurses were there for me again. Man what a wonderful group of young people. Thank You my Nurses Thank You.

The surgery itself was just over 4 hours. I had a lot of damage to repair. Now reconnected I have passed the FART test. It’s just like it sounds, I can once again fart. This really is important. Again my Nurses cheered me on to success.

The infected incision had herniated in multiple places. The surgeon described it as Swiss Cheese. Because it was colon surgery they could not repair the hernias with mesh. So hopefully scar tissue will hold everything together. If not I will have to have another surgery to repair the hernias.

So now a little time to heal and onto the next adventure.

Thank You All, David.


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