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Art 2010, Time and the Evolution of the Artist Today

January 21, 2010


Art 2010, Time and the Evolution of the Artist Today The First Installment As an Artist, do you ever wonder where in the world art is today? Is there a new Art Movement going on now and are you part of it. We had Modern Art then Post Modern with all of the associated subcategories. […]

Art and the” Man Made Continent of Trash”, a Photographer’s Fantastic Story.

May 9, 2009


The Pacific Ocean Gyre contains a floating continent of Plastic debris estimated to be twice the size of the Texas.

Re-Thinking Smithson’s Spiral Jetty

March 11, 2008


  Last month I wrote about Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty threatened by an oil development proposal. Smithson’s Jetty is located in the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The proposal if allowed would permit an oil company to drill test holes near the Jetty site. I have followed the blog’s and news stories and have read […]