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April 22, 2012


Adventures In Suicide Presents Haunting At Millpond The Isolated Studio Advertisements

Where Do We Go From Here America? An Answer to “WHY OWS?”

October 18, 2011


Laurie Anderson asks that question in her song, “Another Day in America?” Lester Brown has asked that question now for years? His Book Plan B 4.0 is an outline of the problems we face in a near future, a future sure to arrive. Down load the PDF version of  Lester Browns book for FREE Plan […]

Earn a living as an Artist or NOT?

April 16, 2010


Maybe not earning a living as an Artist is really the way to success.

Art and the Dollar Store a Market Reality

April 15, 2010


Dollar Stores are essentially Galleries of Failed Global Market Products. Cheap Knock Offs of successful products or Bizarre innovations and inventions of products that the market just didn’t get. Sometimes though you find a Treasure in the hidden acres of consumer trash. When you stubble upon this treasure, often it is a well made well thought out product that the broader market just didn’t recognize as a worthy product. That is exactly what the Art Market and Art School is like today. At least that is what I’ve been thinking.

The Artist and Debt: What you need to know about Student Loans

March 10, 2010


The biggest predators in the industry are waiting for you! They are your guidance counselors, your financial aid advisors, your bankers and the very schools you hope to attend. They want to help you borrow money or loan you money to get an education.

Skin the New Living Canvas

February 6, 2010


Back to the moment of truth when Barbara told me she was going to be a Tattooist. She said, “I have thought about this and I think tattooing is something I can do and want to try.

Art 2.0 Social Networking the Arts 2010…

January 27, 2010


Social Networking may become a significant resource in the process of building a career as an artist and it may offer life to a dying arts organization.