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April 22, 2012


Adventures In Suicide Presents Haunting At Millpond The Isolated Studio Advertisements

The Isolated Studio Blog / Adventures In Suicide

April 6, 2012


Adventures In Suicide

The Truth About GASLAND the Movie

February 27, 2011


I can say that rolling back the clock ten years from now will be too late!

G. Wayne Clough says he wishes he took more time before removing ‘A Fire in My Belly

January 22, 2011


G. Wayne Clough, the Smithsonian Institution’s chief executive, said Thursday that Republican House leaders’ threats of budgetary consequences factored into his Nov. 30 decision to remove a video from a National Portrait Gallery exhibition of work done primarily by artists who are gay and lesbian. LA Times…MORE G.Wayne blinked and that was that. Now it […]

Art 2010, Time and the Evolution of the Artist Today

January 21, 2010


Art 2010, Time and the Evolution of the Artist Today The First Installment As an Artist, do you ever wonder where in the world art is today? Is there a new Art Movement going on now and are you part of it. We had Modern Art then Post Modern with all of the associated subcategories. […]

Do the Arts Need a National Bailout?

April 1, 2009


Times are tough for the Arts in America. Even the 50 million dollars in stimulus money won’t help much as endowment funds nationwide are trashed. Robert Lynch, points out the 50 million in new money will do little to cover losses art organizations have suffered this year. Lynch uses San Francisco as an example, where art organizations have lost an estimated 40 million in state funding alone. The current loss of revenue in the arts nationwide will surely amount to billions of dollars.

Did the Art Bubble Burst ?

November 25, 2008


Art's too expensive said Damien Hirst after his painting of four skulls that was estimated to sell for around 3 million dollars in New York this November did not sell. The work “Beautiful Artemis Thor Neptune Odin Delusional Sapphic Inspirational Hypnosis Painting had No Buyer.