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The Isolated Studio Blog / Adventures In Suicide

April 6, 2012


Adventures In Suicide

The Entropy of Ideas or the Global Economic Engine that Could

August 5, 2011


Now it seems this giant almost inconceivable human idea, the engine that could sputtered again.

Is the Art Market a Safe Haven for Your Money 2.0?

March 1, 2011


Above all make your collecting a part of your life you enjoy and make your collection part of your life. You won’t go wrong, well if your careful. Remember the Hypnotic Factor of Snakes!

Nonprofit Arts in America in Crisis?

February 16, 2011


The old model just took a dump!

Egyptian Treasures Safe Zahi Hawass’s is on the Job

February 11, 2011


I am telling everyone now: the museum is safe because the Egyptian Army and the Egyptian people are protecting it. The Egyptian people are proud of their cultural heritage, and have done all they can to protect it...Zahi Hawass.

Is the Chinese Art Bubble About to Burst?

February 7, 2011


My point is simply, I think China gets the importance of the Arts and Creative thinking something that is in serious trouble in the West today.

Start up America a simple question? YOU IN?

January 31, 2011


There I found a simple web page that asked a simple question. YOU IN?