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Can the NEA Fund Individual Artists Today?

May 24, 2010


NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman says it is time to look at funding for individual artists again.

The Anonymous Collector

May 9, 2010


Buying Big Art has become an intriguing mystery worthy of a game of Clue. Who Done IT? Was it the Russian tycoon or his Butler?

Earn a living as an Artist or NOT?

April 16, 2010


Maybe not earning a living as an Artist is really the way to success.

Size Does Matter curated by Shaquille O’Neal

March 12, 2010


Yup that’s rightThat's NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal is an Art Curator. He has done a pretty good job curating the “Size Does Matter” exhibition.

Annie’s New Deal

March 11, 2010


Annie’s New Deal Annie Leibovitz has a new deal that saves the rights to her artwork and pays off Art Capital. I hope the new deal works out for her. As the Artinfo news article suggests Annie’s deal could be a game changer for artists at all levels. Imagine for a moment as an artist […]

Art 2010, Time and the Evolution of the Artist Today

January 21, 2010


Art 2010, Time and the Evolution of the Artist Today The First Installment As an Artist, do you ever wonder where in the world art is today? Is there a new Art Movement going on now and are you part of it. We had Modern Art then Post Modern with all of the associated subcategories. […]

The Artist and Debt, Annie Leibovitz Images and Nightmares

August 3, 2009


The Repo-man knocks at the door. “Let me in Let me in”! Not by the hair of my Chinnie Chin Chin is Annie’s reply to Art Capital Group. Today the old wolf at the door nightmare torments one of the most gifted artists in America; Photographer Annie Leibovitz who made a deal with a Company of Wolves with the hope of saving her home, her life’s work and her family.